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  1. How can I participate as a wine supplier and is there a cost ?
  2. Where can I find additional State of Georgia Regulations ?
  3. Are my tickets refundable and how old must I be to enter the event?
  4. Who is CSRA Wine Festival, Inc.?
  5. When are other CSRA Wine Festival events planned?

How can I participate as a wine supplier and is there a cost?

In order to participate in this event as a supplier the wine must be supplied by a Georgia Wholesaler.  If your wine product has not been registered in the State of Georgia you must do so by submitting all forms and registrations to the State and the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division.

Based on the State of Georgia Laws and Regulations we are not allowed to charge a Wholesaler, Supplier, or Retailer a fee for their participation.  However since we are a 501 (c) 3 Corporation we will abide by the following:

560-2-2-.43 Charitable Events; Organizations.

(1) Bona fide non-profit charitable and civic organizations desiring to sell alcoholic

beverages may apply, on forms furnished by the Commissioner, for a permit authorizing

the organization to sell or distribute alcoholic beverages for consumption only on the

premises for a period not to exceed one day. Applications for such temporary permit must

include a copy of an official document such as nonprofit certification by the Internal

Revenue Service or constitution and by-laws of the organization, or a corporate charter

which clearly states the purpose of the organization and a letter of authorization for the

event from local governing authorities.

(2) Except as provided in this paragraph, manufacturers, brokers, importers, shippers,

wholesalers and retailers shall not make any donations of beverage alcohol to any

non-profit charitable or civic organization that has obtained a one day permit. Where a

non-profit charitable or civic organization has obtained a one-day permit, wholesalers

shall be authorized to make donations of alcoholic beverages, obtained through proper

distribution channels and upon which all applicable state and local taxes have been paid,

to such non-profit charitable and civic organizations. The amount of such donations shall

not exceed the amount necessary for the event for which a one day permit has been


(3) Provided a permit has been issued to a non-profit charitable or civic organization, said

organization shall be considered the same as any other licensee and subject to all laws,

rules and regulations relating thereto.

(4) Nothing herein shall prohibit cash donations to charitable and civic organizations

provided such donation is unconditional and not related to the purchase of a particular

brand or label of beverage alcohol.

Authority O.C.G.A. Secs. 3-2-2, 48-2-12. History. Original Rule entitled “Charitable Events; Organization” adopted. F. Feb 3, 1987; eff. Feb. 23, 1987. Amended: F. Aug. 4, 2000; eff. Aug. 24, 2000.

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Where can I find additional State of Georgia Rules and Regulations?

State of Georgia Secretary of State Regulations
State of Georgia AFT Regulations

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Are my tickets refundable ?

This event is advertised and promoted " Rain or Shine" therefore we regret that all ticket sales are final.  In case the entire event is cancelled only then would the ticket sale be refunded. 

You must be 21 years of age to enter this event.  No one under this age will be admitted. You will be required to provide proof of age by producing an ID upon entering the event. 

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Who is CSRA Wine Festival Inc.?

The CSRA Wine Festival, Inc is a non-profit corporation formed and registered in the State of Georgia to produce a quality wine tasting event in the CSRA area each year. 

Wine Tasting
events are not only cultural but are also considered as an economic development event that has the potential to produce additional revenue for any area if planned properly. 

The CSRA Wine Festival, Inc donate money above above the cost of producing this annual event to the Augusta Technical College - Culinary Arts Program Educational Scholarship Endowment Fund.    By attracting individuals from across our region and other areas this also allows us to not only sample wine but to promote the quality of life in the area that we live, work, and play. 

Since we are a non-profit entity our goal is multi-purpose and funds generated by these events will be donated to support various causes.  These causes will be:
1.  Culinary Scholarship Fund is our primary purpose when the organization was formed
2.  Advancement and Promotion of the Arts 
3.  A local Non-Profit Organization may be selected based upon their need. 

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When are other CSRA Wine Festival events planned ?

We currently only produce one event per year which is held each fall.  This date is determined each year as we attempt to not interfere with football schedules..   

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